Creating jobs and building a stronger economy

Louisiana is home to some of the nation’s richest natural resources and a tremendously skilled, hardworking, labor force. Yet our economy under-performs year after year. It’s time to get Louisiana back on track. We need to make the state attractive to large and small businesses alike; we need to get to work now creating a more pro-business environment right here in Louisiana.  We need to make sure that our existing businesses are supported and that new businesses have good reason to locate in Louisiana.  Having served as President of the Bossier Chamber of Commerce, and as the 2011 Chair of the Greater Bossier Economic Development Foundation, I know how to do exactly that.  I support lower taxes on businesses, offering and extending tax credits and incentives to help grow businesses and jobs in our state. And I will fight hard to eliminate the bureaucratic red tape and corruption that have become synonymous with doing business in Louisiana.   We need advocates for our business owners and workers to achieve a smaller government, more accountability and better jobs!

Cutting waste and lowering taxes

Our tax system is too complicated, punishes business, and hurts families.   We need to overhaul what we give our government and how we want them to spend it.  Louisiana families and businesses all across this state make sacrifices every day to live within their means, and I believe our state government should be no different. These difficult times require all of us to reexamine our priorities and spending.  Our state constitution prevents us from doing just that with the tax dollars we send to Baton Rouge.  That is wrong.  Our government is too big and the tax burden our businesses and families are asked to pay is too great.  It is time for a meaningful change!  Working together, we can get our spending under control and our budget back in order.

Fighting illegal immigration

Illegal immigrants siphon off millions of dollars each year from your state government. They are filling up our prisons and doctors’ offices and depriving legal citizens good-paying jobs. If the federal government will not act to secure our borders and protect us from these criminals, then we must do it ourselves. As your state legislator, I promise to work hard to ensure our law enforcement personnel are funded and supported in dealing with those in Louisiana illegally.

Protecting our families and our values

I am devoted to providing you the opportunity to earn and keep more of your money to meet your obligations and to protect and defend your family.  As a husband of twenty years and the father of two wonderful children, I understand and cherish the same traditional family values as do you  I believe marriage is between one man and one woman and I am pro-life, always have been and always will be. I firmly believe if we, as a state, don’t stand up and protect those who are least able to protect themselves, then we, as individuals, have failed. As your state legislator I will not compromise on these important issues.

Serving those who serve us

Growing up in a military family, I know firsthand the issues our servicemen and women, their families and our veterans face. All too often, we forget that the sacrifices made by those who serve our country extend far beyond the battlefield and their time of service. As the son of a Vietnam War fighter pilot, and a member of the Military Affairs Council and Eagles, I am familiar with the unique obstacles many struggle with every day.  As your state legislator, I will ensure veterans continue to receive the benefits and respect they have earned and been promised. They kept their promise to us, and we must keep ours to them.  And to the active duty and reserve members of the military, I promise to provide you and your family with the support, recognition and respect you deserve.  I will be that strong voice for our military and military families and retirees.

Defending your right to keep and bear arms

This great nation was founded on personal freedom and the right to protect that freedom.   Whether you are a hunter, sportsman, or simply an enthusiast, owning a gun is your right and not just a privilege. But more importantly, there should be no law that hinders your ability to defend your family, your home, or yourself from violent criminals who wish to do you harm.  Whatever the issue, you can be assured that, as your State Representative, I will oppose any new restrictions placed on law-abiding citizens and their right to own firearms.  My long-standing membership in the NRA, Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, Whitetail Deer Management Association, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Dallas Safari Club underscore my commitment to our right to keep and bear arms.  You can count on me to help defend yours!