Jeff Thompson: My Plan to Create Jobs, Part One

July 26th, 2011

It’s been said that two kinds of people run for office: those who want to be something and those who want to do something. I’m running for State Representative because I want to do something for the small businesses and job creators of this state.  And I want to do something before it’s too late.

Today our state doesn’t face an economic challenge; it faces an economic crisis. The Obama economy? Failed.  Unemployment?  Still climbing. Taxes?  Through the roof, hurting businesses, and killing jobs.

As a former president of the Bossier Chamber of Commerce and chairman of the Bossier Economic Development Foundation, I know that the big government, bureaucracy and union bosses are bad for the economy. The only way to turn the economy around is to turn entrepreneurs loose.  My goal as your State Representative will be to fight for small businesses every day in the State Legislature. Here is my plan for creating economic growth in Bossier.

First, I will fight for jobs. I will support lower taxes on businesses, offering and extending tax credits and incentives to help grow businesses and jobs in our state. And I will fight hard to eliminate the bureaucratic red tape and corruption that have become synonymous with doing business in Louisiana. I will fight for tax incentives that create jobs, like the tax credit for the film industry. Did you realize that in 2008 and 2009, the average economic impact of this film tax credit was $710 million? But in 2010, this number increased to $1.08 billion.  In other words, that one tax incentive has led an increase of over 50%.  That’s one way we start to get our economy turned around.

Second, I will fight for less government. I will oppose special interests and union bosses every single day. I will support any and all efforts to cut waste, fraud and abuse from the government to lower taxes for the people.  Our tax system is too complicated, punishes business, and hurts families. We need to overhaul what we give our government and how we want it spent.

Third, I will fight for Louisiana’s oil and natural gas interest and the expanded gas development right here in Bossier. This is not only an economic issue, it’s a security issue.  Why does our country import so much energy from the Middle East when we have oil and natural gas right here in the Haynesville Shale? We need to provide tax incentives to help gas companies produce the gas and hire local workers. I will strongly support the severance tax investment incentive.

Economists estimate that for every dollar the state of Louisiana gave up via the horizontal well severance tax investment incentive it gained $2.94 in revenues to the State Treasury. In fact, it’s estimated that in 2010, the state gave up $125.3 million, but it gained $367.7 million.  That is just smart business to increase total revenues by almost $250 million dollars when government gets out of the way. We need more tax incentives like this to help our natural gas industry.  Natural gas is good for our local economy and good for our national security.

So that’s part of my plan for the people of Bossier: lower taxes, less government, more energy production. Unfortunately, that’s not the way the big government and union bosses want our economy to work. They want to tax us, regulate us and subsidize us rather than getting out of the way and watching us go. If elected to serve in the state legislature, I will not only value the votes of the people of Bossier, but I will vote the values of the people of Bossier. I will fight big government and bureaucracy.And I will fight for the entrepreneurs and small business leaders who know how to create jobs.

The people of Bossier deserve a leader who will stand up for their interests and speak up for their principles.  That is what I will do every day: fight for you, your business, your family, and your jobs.  We need our state government to stop wasting our tax dollars and get out of the way so our businesses and families can get to work and get our economy moving again.  If you agree, I would be honored to have your support and I hope you will contact us and get involved in our efforts today by joining our Facebook page or volunteering for our campaign.

Thank you,